100 Years Young!

HollywoodOur fascination with the future has been played out in many movies.  As these productions  transport us to 100+ years in the future, it’s fun to see how the movie industry portrays the progress of our iconic companies such as McDonald’s, Nike, and Coca Cola.  The belief is that these companies will be in our future, our kids’ future and beyond!

Well, the fire industry is proud to display its own corporate longevity with manufacturers celebrating OVER 100 years of service to our firefighting heroes.  Globe Manufacturing (turnouts, boots and more), is celebrating 125 years in 2012.  Tyco Fire Production Products (fire extinguishing products) is celebrating 100 years in 2012.  These companies and others survived the Great Depression, two World Wars and countless other obstacles.

Globe Manufacturing           Tyco

L.N. Curtis & sons is right behind them with 83 years in the industry.  We’re proud to partner with the likes of Globe and Tyco.  Many of our other partners are coming up on 50 years or more!  The strength and resiliency needed to survive in our world is a testament to how we do business and work with our customers.  It’s an honor to serve our hero customers and we look forward to serving you for many years to come.

L.N. Curtis & sons