Bigger, Better, Safer

Okay, I’ve just got to say it….sometimes “bigger is better.” We’ll just get the cliché out of the way right up front! In this case E.D. Bullard Co., leading manufacturer of firefighter helmets, listened carefully to feedback they were receiving from firefighters. They really liked Bullard’s style of wildfire helmets, but for some the headroom just wasn’t enough (sounds like we’re buying a car, right?). So, we now have the FH911XL Wildfire Helmet: an extra-large, full-brim thermoplastic shell with ratchet suspension that offers 12.5% more volume for greater air flow. Read more….Bullard XL Wildfire Helmet
Yup, more headroom!

Improve Your Eyesight!

We all want to see what we can’t see, right? It’s our nature. Well, when our eyes fail us there are tools that can help. Eye glasses are certainly one option, but I’m talking about thermal imagers. They were first used by specialized law enforcement and the military, and now have played a role in the fire industry for over 25 years. E.D. Bullard Co. is a leading manufacturer of thermal imaging cameras and continues to hone and improve the cameras with their two newest offerings: the Eclipse™ LD and the brand new T4N.

The fire service industry’s first low-cost, lightweight, personal-issue thermal imager, the Eclipse LD now features liquid crystal display and packs a 320 x 240 ultra-high resolution infrared engine in a two-pound package. Eclipse LD provides fire departments with a ‘no compromises’ thermal imager. Eclipse LD fulfills the promise of a personal-issue thermal imager while thriving as a complete analytical tool. Read more…..Bullard Eclipse LD

“The new T4N thermal imager delivers unrivaled performance and image quality on the industry’s largest, brightest viewing display. Meeting all requirements of NFPA 1801-2013, the T4N gives you the extra assurance of maximum durability and performance. With all these benefits, the T4N is the ultimate choice for firefighting thermal imaging.” Read more….Bullard T4N

Okay, expensive you say? They certainly can be, but grants are available! Bullard has a grant program for departments in the state of Kentucky (their home state). Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company’s Heritage Program and the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation also have grant opportunities for the rest of the country to consider. It’s good to see what you can’t see!