CNIC Navy Modular Training Units!

CNIC Navy Modular Unit for TrainingCNIC Navy Modular training units will soon be delivered to California, New Hampshire, Washington and Virginia Navy Bases for realistic fire fighting and rescue operations for structural and maritime training.

The units include two propane fueled fireplaces simulating an electrical fire on the second floor and a ground floor multi-prop fireplace with flare-up fire. Challenging entry/exit simulations are created with numerous moveable maze panels along with vertical challenges through access ports on the top module and a 30” vertical ladder. The unit includes a command center with PC for maintaining training logs along with temperature readings and specific personnel training evolutions.

Multiple safety features are provided including automatic extraction fan engagement and excessive temps monitors and automatic shut down if needed.

The units comply with NFPA requirements and include four (4) days of on-site training at time of delivery.

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