The Ballistic Warrior Helmet

In an ever changing society, the ability to enter an unknown environment with the best equipment possible is becoming more and more essential. It’s time to meet the Warrior Helmet! The Ballistic Warrior Helmet is a lightweight, warrior tested combat helmet with the best retention systems available from Team Wendy. The Warrior Helmet is a high cut helmet for maximum comfort and protection, which allows for use of any communication headset including TCI. The Warrior Helmet comes standard with a three-hole NVG Shroud and Side Rails to mount all the necessary equipment to do the job. The Warrior Helmet comes standard with Team Wendy Zorbium Action Pad (ZAP) Kit, but can be built around any budget with three upgradeable suspension systems including: Team Wendy EPIC, EPIC Air or CamFit Systems. The Warrior Helmet is NIJ Certified to Level 3A and is made of high density polyethylene. This is a must have for any Tactical Team and is available on L.N. Curtis & sons GSA Contract:  GS-07F-0043L.

Product Specifications:

  • Weight: 3.18 lbs.
  • Size: Medium/Large (22” – 22 3/8”) and L/XL (22 3/8” – 24 ¼”)
  • Colors: Black, Tan, OD Green

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