eDRAULIC – What in the world is that?

Some years ago Hurst introduced a totally new battery-operated and fully-functioning HYDRAULIC tool that was just as strong in some cases and even stronger in other cases when it came to traditional hose hydraulic tools.

eDRAULIC tools have been on the scene now for almost four (4) years!  They were introduced by Hurst Jaws of Life at FDIC in April 2010.  During these past 4 years L.N. Curtis & sons is proud to have given hundreds of demonstrations and, fortunately for some “out-of-the-box” thinkers, has been able to offer them simply another great way to cut precious minutes out of the “Golden Hour” of rescue with these new awesome tools!



There are several reasons that these tools have become so popular and very exciting to use:

  • “Setup” time has been cut to almost zero. With the push of the on/off button and a charged battery the operator is already moving material out of the way with their spreader or cutter while someone with another tool is still setting up hoses, tools and attempting to “start” their power plant.
  • Another exceptional reason is the ability to communicate with team and patient without excessive noise on an already chaotic rescue ground.
  • Finally…..the batteries…..many departments, and people in general, have been very scared of batteries due to past history. The eTOOL batteries, or more specifically, the Lithium-ion batteries that are used in the eDRAULIC tools are remarkably strong, durable, and will hold a charge to FINISH the job!  This has been the game changer for many departments that have purchased and will continue to purchase these tools.

Continue to look for and ask questions about the new line of Hurst eDRAULIC battery-operated tools – you will be very impressed with the results.  The L.N. Curtis & sons Rescue Team is available for on-site demonstrations and product awareness discussions at your convenience!  Call us today!