Award Winners: Bullard and Red Head Brass!

L.N. Curtis & sons congratulates Bullard as our “Supplier of the Year for 2013″; their second year in a row winning this award!  Bullard continues to do an excellent job in all aspects of their relationship with our firm.  In addition, our “2013 Tools For Heroes” vendor award winner was announced as Red Head Brass.  We appreciate doing business with the Bullard and Red Head Brass teams; they build great product and really care about how they conduct business. Congratulations to Bullard and Red Head Brass!

Small, But Strong As They Come!

The Paratech HydraFusion Strut (HFS) is a 10-ton lifting strut with an Acme Thread Locking Collar and is available in three different lift lengths:  4”, 10” and 16”.  The HFS Strut has a two-stage detachable hand pump with a 12′ hose that connects to any Paratech base and will receive both grey or gold extensions, with any Paratech adaptable head. The HFS is a rapid deployment lifting device that is user-friendly and easy to use. It can be integrated into a large number of extrication and USAR applications.

A few months ago the HFS struts were used during a demonstration with four different agencies in the west Los Angeles area. The photo shows how the light rail train was lifted with little effort.  As a precaution, secondary struts were deployed for additional stabilization and safety.

Call us today for additional information and how the HydraFusion Strut can be a helpful tool in your toolbox!

Globe SUPRALITE Boot: NFPA 1971 and NFPA 1992 Compliant!

This new innovation in structure fire boot technology takes Globe’s commitment to making athletic gear for firefighters to the next level.  Working off of the already successful Globe SUPREME composite-based structure boot platform, Globe has created a lighter weight, high performance structural boot matched by no other.

The combination of the cushioned and contoured sole, the flexible athletic footwear construction which features the world’s first use of DragonHide™ (a Globe exclusive that is so tough that we use it to reinforce turnout gear) and the internal fit system cause this boot to fit like a pair of sneakers. The SUPRALITE boot features a specially designed and formulated, more aggressive outsole.  This provides the protection, support, and slip resistance you can depend on.  The boot is NFPA 1971 (Structural Fire Fighting) and NFPA 1992 (Liquid Splash) compliant.

You will immediately feel the superior comfort, function and fit of the Globe SUPRALITE Structure Boot the moment you try it on. What are you waiting for?