Don’t Forget the Step Cribbing!



Step cribbing is something that should always be considered for the toolbox!  It is reasonably priced and something that every apparatus should have on it.

The Shark from Rescue 42 is made of steel and arguably the best product on the market for quick stabilization.  It doesn’t take up much storage space and by simply pulling one pin you can go from the collapsed stage to ready-to-use. Unlike wood or plastic cribbing, the Shark has a load capacity of 7000 lbs. or 14,000 lbs. if used with a picket.  Some people like to use wood cribbing because it is cheaper and easily made, but you can’t guarantee the load capacity of wood, it can split and you cannot decontaminate it.  An excellent feature of the Shark is that both sides are usable for different situations. The flat side is great for level or smooth surfaces.  Flip it over and use the teeth/step side for more traction on soft or slick surfaces. The baseplate accepts ratchet straps or pickets to prevent slipping in icy or muddy rescue conditions. Quite simply this tool is easy to use and extremely versatile!

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