Playing the Word Game: Fire Hose Construction

Some hose manufacturers who may not be able to measure up in quality or durability will play word games with their sales brochures. Phrases are strung together using words like “lighter weight”, “higher flows”, “increased picks per inch”, “high strength”. All of these phrases, taken independently, can be good characteristics when it comes to fire hose construction. However, some are mutually exclusive when it comes to the world of physics and reality.

Let’s look closer!

Phrases on Page 1 of one of those Sales Brochures
“Weighs Less”, “Kinks Less”, and “Flows More Water”

Let’s break these down:

  1. Weighs Less:  How do we make hose lighter?  We take material out.
  2. Kinks Less: Hose that is lighter weight, gives up resistance to kinking as compared to ‘standard’ weight/construction hoses.
  3. Flows More Water: High performance liner?  Not at low end prices.  Oversize hose?  Yes…

And, let’s look at these claims:

Phrase on Page 2 of one of those Sales Brochures
“Increased the picks per inch for greater strength and abrasion resistance.”  (Remember, this statement is preceded by “Weighs Less” on page 1 of the brochure!)
  1. But I thought you said the hose is lighter? How do we make hose lighter? Again, We take material out…
  2. But it says the “picks per inch have been Increased”.  If there are more Picks and more Weft (Filler) AND the hose got lighter…That means there is less Warp. (Warp is the expensive part of the materials in the hose jackets.)
  3. How does making the warp weaker, increase strength?  It doesn’t. Remember, in hose testing, Filler Fails First. But if Filler is added, and Warp is removed, how can the hose fail correctly/safely?
  4. Abrasion Resistance? Making hose lighter (and not changing materials of construction) , cannot increase abrasion resistance. Removing warp from a fire hose does not increase abrasion resistance. The warp material, its quality and physical characteristics, determine the resistance to abrasion.
CORRECT FAILURE Failure of Filler/Weft: Weft goes Left/Right (around) hose

Failure of Filler/Weft: weft goes left/right (around) hose

INCORRECT (UNSAFE) FAILURE Failure of Warp: Warp run Lengthwise with Hose

Failure of Warp: warp runs lengthwise with hose

Our team of Water Flow  Specialists are available to walk you through each phrase and answer any questions you have!

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