Know Your Fire Fighting Nozzle!







Can you identify the most common firefighting nozzles produced today? What are they?

  1. Automatic Nozzles
  2. Fixed Flow Nozzles
  3. Smooth Bore Nozzles
  4. Selectable Flow Nozzles

Now….do you know the benefits and limitations of each device? Even if your department uses one specific type of firefighting nozzle, it’s good to know what’s out there and what you could possibly run across.

  • Automatic Fire Nozzles
    Pros: self-adjust to provide quality stream and reach, regardless of GPM flowing.
    Cons: can furnish a great stream and reach, though perhaps not flowing ample water
  • Fixed Flow Fire Nozzles
    Pros: fixed GPM and Nozzle Pressure; pre-determined by department
    Cons: can have poor stream and reach at low pressures
  • Smooth Bore Fire Nozzles
    Pros: high GPM flows at low Nozzle Pressure
    Cons: can lead to firefighting hose kinking
  • Selectable Flow Fire Nozzles
    Pros: nozzle person can “select” the flow rate desired
    Cons: GPM selection indicator can be set at incorrect GPM

Regardless of the fire nozzle that is being used, it is absolutely imperative to familiarize yourself with how it works and its limitations! Train with it…Flow it…Then… train with it some more!

Familiarizing yourself with the benefits and limitations of all types of firefighting nozzles will improve safety, reduce risk and equip you to assist in determining the most suitable fire rescue tool for your department, allowing you to get the wet stuff on the red stuff effectively.

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