Shelby Glove is Flex-Tuff!

ShelbyFlexTuffThe fire service is always looking for new and better preforming PPE. Shelby has answered the call:  the Shelby Flex-Tuff HS with Hybridshield for Extreme Fire Protection.

Shelby’s use of HybridShield® technology is combined with a Kevlar® Simplex® knit, a legacy fire resistant fabric. HybridShield® – Thermal Arrays are applied directly to the Kevlar® knit providing an innovative fire blocking interlayer that relays extreme fire protection to underlying materials.

The Flex-Tuff HS provides enhanced elasticity that improves hand flex and finger articulation delivering better user dexterity and comfort. This provides for extraordinary improvements in firefighting performance with minimal weight, negligible water absorption and improved impact protection.



Some key features of the Shelby Flex-Tuff HS glove:

  •  Proudly made in the U.S.A.
  • 3D liner and barrier system uses the next generation Crosstech Film Technology.
  • Thermal Protection Zones provide a second lightweight thermal protection system that relays 50% more protection than other barrier/thermal liner layups of equal or greater thickness.
  • Tapered trigger finger/index finger results in superior index finger dexterity.
  • Glove G-Block wrist blocking system prevents gloves from creeping during fire operations.

The innovation and advanced design of the Flex-Tuff HS increases safety while providing firefighters with a secure, comfortable and responsive fit in an NFPA 1971 certified glove. If you are looking for quality, comfort and safety, then look no further than the Shelby Flex-Tuff HS firefighting glove.

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