Dura-Built versus Poly-Tuff

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Dura-Built and Poly-Tuff are very similar types of hose and fire departments often select one or the other based on severity of service or budget limitations. The hoses are both backed with the confidence of North American Fire Hose Corporation’s Life Time Delamination Warranty on the Calendared/Vulcanized EPDM Rubber Liner.

When reviewing the Nylon and Polyester Jackets, these are key characteristics to consider:2015_HoseChart_2




It is important to note that even though these hoses have the same liners, the friction loss might not be equal. The flexibility of a Nylon jacket and that of a Polyester jacket is very different, and can affect friction loss.

Here are flow test numbers using both hoses at the same GPM Flow: 2015_HoseChart



You can see where the more flexible nylon jacketed Dura-Built scores better in friction loss.  We look forward to discussing your needs and determining which hose type is best for your department. Contact us today.

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