Introducing G-XTREME® 3.0

globe UPDATE logoCompletely retailored from collar to cuff to provide even less restriction, the new G-XTREME® 3.0 is the latest evolution of Globe’s original breakthrough design.



The Jacket has a retailored fit in the chest and sleeves for unrestricted mobility for even the most athletic firefighter. The lower collar, deeper neck opening, and hanging throat tab never get in your way. Globe’s AXTION® Back and AXTION® Sleeve let you make all the right moves.



G-Xtreme-3.0-PantsThe Pants are retailored in the seat and thigh for unrestricted mobility, lower rise, and a trimmer fit. The AXTION® Seat and AXTION® Knee work together to let you bend, crawl, and climb freely. And like the original, the G-XTREME 3.0 comes in shapes to fit your body better. Call your L.N. Curtis & sons representative today to see and review the benefits of the G-XTREME® 3.0.




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