Introducing G-XTREME® 3.0

globe UPDATE logoCompletely retailored from collar to cuff to provide even less restriction, the new G-XTREME® 3.0 is the latest evolution of Globe’s original breakthrough design.



The Jacket has a retailored fit in the chest and sleeves for unrestricted mobility for even the most athletic firefighter. The lower collar, deeper neck opening, and hanging throat tab never get in your way. Globe’s AXTION® Back and AXTION® Sleeve let you make all the right moves.



G-Xtreme-3.0-PantsThe Pants are retailored in the seat and thigh for unrestricted mobility, lower rise, and a trimmer fit. The AXTION® Seat and AXTION® Knee work together to let you bend, crawl, and climb freely. And like the original, the G-XTREME 3.0 comes in shapes to fit your body better. Call your L.N. Curtis & sons representative today to see and review the benefits of the G-XTREME® 3.0.




Meeting the Demands of the Fire Service

Draeger X-am 2500 Multi Gas Personal Protection Monitor
Meets the Demands of the Fire Service


The newly designed Draeger X-am 2500 provides firefighters with these important features:

Ease of Use 

  • Two button operations provide failsafe and easy menu navigation
  • Large clear display provides gas values at a glance
  • Small, compact design
  • Quick and intuitive bump testing and calibration procedures




  • Sensors not sensitive to shock, vibrations, or impacts
  • Monitor has an integrated protective rubber coating
  • Monitor is IP67 rated for dust and water intrusion protection

Long Lasting Sensors and Monitor

  • The O2, CO, and H2S sensors have a 5-year sensor warranty
  • The LEL/EX sensor has a 3-year warranty
  • The remainder of monitor carries a bumper-to-bumper 3-year warranty

Economical and Simple to Maintain

  • Calibration and bump testing can be accomplished with either the revolutionary X-Dock testing and calibration station or with the bump test station—both reduce the use and cost of calibration gas
  • The Draeger sensor warranty and longevity reduce costs right from the start of ownership, and all the way through the life cycle of the product
  • The X-am 2500 can be equipped with either alkaline AA batteries or with NIMH batteries; both provide the monitor with a full 12-hours of run time


globe UPDATE logoGlobeMetroThe new Globe CLASSIX® METRO™ turnout gear combines the traditional metro look and style with the athletic fit, feel, and finish that you love. The Globe CLASSIX® METRO™ is ideal for departments that are looking for a roomy, non-restrictive fit, extended back panel, and low-rise pant.




The Globe CLASSIX® METRO™ comes standard with:

  • METRO EXTENDED BACK with lower trim band.
  • DROP SHOULDER DESIGN moves seam beyond the shoulder for improved reach and reduced coat ride up.
  • LINER ACCESS OPENING for easy access between the layers.
  • DOUBLE-STITCHED SEAMS with 8–10 stitches per inch for longer service life.
  • FREE HANGING THROAT TAB stays out of your way when not deployed.
  • YOCCO™ DRAG RESCUE DEVICE is easy to deploy when you need it, and out of the way when you don’t.
  • TRIMTRAX® THREAD PROTECTION with patented cording lasts far longer than conventional stitching.

The Globe CLASSIX® METRO™ is available in your choice of outer shells, moisture barriers, thermal barriers, reinforcements, reflective trim, and lettering. The Globe CLASSIX® METRO™ is available in both men’s and women’s sizing, and is UL Certified to NFPA 1971 (Structure Firefighting).

Dura-Built versus Poly-Tuff

NAFH logo with text color2015_DuraBuilt2015_PolyTuff





Dura-Built and Poly-Tuff are very similar types of hose and fire departments often select one or the other based on severity of service or budget limitations. The hoses are both backed with the confidence of North American Fire Hose Corporation’s Life Time Delamination Warranty on the Calendared/Vulcanized EPDM Rubber Liner.

When reviewing the Nylon and Polyester Jackets, these are key characteristics to consider:2015_HoseChart_2




It is important to note that even though these hoses have the same liners, the friction loss might not be equal. The flexibility of a Nylon jacket and that of a Polyester jacket is very different, and can affect friction loss.

Here are flow test numbers using both hoses at the same GPM Flow: 2015_HoseChart



You can see where the more flexible nylon jacketed Dura-Built scores better in friction loss.  We look forward to discussing your needs and determining which hose type is best for your department. Contact us today.