Avon Deltair Air Switch Mask “Like No Other”

Avon_logo deltair_bic_airswitch

  • Double curve visor provides for the best Firefighter field of view including, upward, downward and peripheral vision.
  • Integrated low profile air switch reduces snag hazards, reduces overall weight of mask and provides a balanced mask that does not pull outward and downward on the Fire Fighter’s face. This all contributes to the lowest profile, lightest weight and highest visibility mask available.
  • The mask mounted Air Switch provides true air management with the simplicity of controllable air by the Fire Fighter using a simple one handed glove operation. Included in the Air Switch is an easy to read white indicator for both the user and others to monitor.
  • The Air Switch provides a large diameter diaphragm providing the Fire Fighter with clear, crisp, and passive speech performance. The large diaphragm allows for unlabored breathing on ambient air when the Air Switch is in the up position; this helps reduce fatigue.
  • The Air Switch mask is a fully submersible design that allows for quick and thorough cleaning. The simplicity of design and the attention to detail using military specification components make the Avon Air Switch mask “Like No Other”.