WIN $5,000.00 Worth of Equipment!

FEMSA LogoFAMAFEMSA/FAMA is at it again.  They want you to win $5,000.00 worth of equipment (plus an iPad) for your department!  They are running the 2015 FEMSA/FAMA State of the Fire Service Survey on the Economy for several weeks.  This is their 12th ANNUAL endeavor to collect valuable insight about how end-user customers assess needs and pursue grant funding.

If you are a firefighter, department officer, emergency medical provider or a department director, all you have to do is take a survey, nothing more.  This automatically enters you in for the chance to win an iPad and $5,000.00 worth of equipment!

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Thank you for assisting in this valuable effort and GOOD LUCK!


Find the Firefighter in YOU!



The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) has launched the department portal component of the “Make Me A Firefighter” campaign aimed to help departments recruit the next generation of volunteer first responders. The NVFC, with support from a SAFER grant, has invested in the development of this research-driven recruitment and retention campaign designed to reach a broader audience of interested individuals.

“Recruitment is a challenge for many volunteer and combination departments across the country,” said NVFC Chairman Kevin D. Quinn. “Yet our research shows that 44 percent of millennials are interested in volunteering with their local department. Many simply don’t know the need for volunteers exists. The Make Me a Firefighter campaign will help build awareness among the public as well as provide departments with the tools and resources they need to recruit to this and other target audiences.”

The online fire department portal is designed to help fire departments every step of the way in their recruitment and retention efforts and it’s completely free for departments to participate. It is very important that departments register for the campaign NOW at and post their volunteer opportunities.  This enables those departments to be ready when the public site launches August 1, 2015.

To learn more about the Make Me a Firefighter campaign and the department portal, view this video, and share it with others facing recruitment challenges: 

AND, don’t forget to register with the recruitment campaign and post your opportunities now at

A Great Team

L.N. Curtis & sons congratulates Globe as our “Supplier of the Year for 2014″.  Globe continues to do an excellent job in all aspects of their relationship with our firm.  In addition, our “2014 Tools For Heroes” vendor award winner was announced as CMC Rescue.  We appreciate doing business CMC_FullLogo_2010with the Globe and CMC Rescue teams; they build great product and really care about how they conduct business. Congratulations to Globe and CMC Rescue!

WIN $5000.00 Worth Of Firefighting Equipment!

FEMSA and FAMA’s 11th Annual State of the Fire Service survey is open! This Assistance to Firefighter Grants Survey yields valuable insight for all members. AND all those that take the survey are entered in for a chance to win $5000.00 worth of valuable firefighting equipment. Don’t miss this superb opportunity to be a hero for your department!

GOOD LUCK and thank you for participating.  Your answers assist FEMSA/FAMA in determining how you, the end user-customer, assess needs and pursue grant funding. Their ultimate goal is to help us all be successful as we go forward in the current state of the fire service economy.

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Award Winners: Bullard and Red Head Brass!

L.N. Curtis & sons congratulates Bullard as our “Supplier of the Year for 2013″; their second year in a row winning this award!  Bullard continues to do an excellent job in all aspects of their relationship with our firm.  In addition, our “2013 Tools For Heroes” vendor award winner was announced as Red Head Brass.  We appreciate doing business with the Bullard and Red Head Brass teams; they build great product and really care about how they conduct business. Congratulations to Bullard and Red Head Brass!

Small, But Strong As They Come!

The Paratech HydraFusion Strut (HFS) is a 10-ton lifting strut with an Acme Thread Locking Collar and is available in three different lift lengths:  4”, 10” and 16”.  The HFS Strut has a two-stage detachable hand pump with a 12′ hose that connects to any Paratech base and will receive both grey or gold extensions, with any Paratech adaptable head. The HFS is a rapid deployment lifting device that is user-friendly and easy to use. It can be integrated into a large number of extrication and USAR applications.

A few months ago the HFS struts were used during a demonstration with four different agencies in the west Los Angeles area. The photo shows how the light rail train was lifted with little effort.  As a precaution, secondary struts were deployed for additional stabilization and safety.

Call us today for additional information and how the HydraFusion Strut can be a helpful tool in your toolbox!

Globe SUPRALITE Boot: NFPA 1971 and NFPA 1992 Compliant!

This new innovation in structure fire boot technology takes Globe’s commitment to making athletic gear for firefighters to the next level.  Working off of the already successful Globe SUPREME composite-based structure boot platform, Globe has created a lighter weight, high performance structural boot matched by no other.

The combination of the cushioned and contoured sole, the flexible athletic footwear construction which features the world’s first use of DragonHide™ (a Globe exclusive that is so tough that we use it to reinforce turnout gear) and the internal fit system cause this boot to fit like a pair of sneakers. The SUPRALITE boot features a specially designed and formulated, more aggressive outsole.  This provides the protection, support, and slip resistance you can depend on.  The boot is NFPA 1971 (Structural Fire Fighting) and NFPA 1992 (Liquid Splash) compliant.

You will immediately feel the superior comfort, function and fit of the Globe SUPRALITE Structure Boot the moment you try it on. What are you waiting for?

eDRAULIC – What in the world is that?

Some years ago Hurst introduced a totally new battery-operated and fully-functioning HYDRAULIC tool that was just as strong in some cases and even stronger in other cases when it came to traditional hose hydraulic tools.

eDRAULIC tools have been on the scene now for almost four (4) years!  They were introduced by Hurst Jaws of Life at FDIC in April 2010.  During these past 4 years L.N. Curtis & sons is proud to have given hundreds of demonstrations and, fortunately for some “out-of-the-box” thinkers, has been able to offer them simply another great way to cut precious minutes out of the “Golden Hour” of rescue with these new awesome tools!



There are several reasons that these tools have become so popular and very exciting to use:

  • “Setup” time has been cut to almost zero. With the push of the on/off button and a charged battery the operator is already moving material out of the way with their spreader or cutter while someone with another tool is still setting up hoses, tools and attempting to “start” their power plant.
  • Another exceptional reason is the ability to communicate with team and patient without excessive noise on an already chaotic rescue ground.
  • Finally…..the batteries…..many departments, and people in general, have been very scared of batteries due to past history. The eTOOL batteries, or more specifically, the Lithium-ion batteries that are used in the eDRAULIC tools are remarkably strong, durable, and will hold a charge to FINISH the job!  This has been the game changer for many departments that have purchased and will continue to purchase these tools.

Continue to look for and ask questions about the new line of Hurst eDRAULIC battery-operated tools – you will be very impressed with the results.  The L.N. Curtis & sons Rescue Team is available for on-site demonstrations and product awareness discussions at your convenience!  Call us today!


Increasing Firefighter Safety…..

…..through the NFPA 1981/1982 2013 standard change in the Low Air Alarm End of Service Time Indicator (EOSTI)!

The NFPA 1981 2007 standard required the alarm to sound when 25% of the cylinder’s air was available. The NFPA 1981 2013 edition will increase that requirement to 33% of the cylinder’s available air.

The NFPA 1981 2013 edition is the first time the EOSTI level has actually been set for the fire service.  The 25% number accepted for years came from a NIOSH standard that actually had a tolerance of 20% to 25%.








With the addition of the 33% threshold for reserve air, the fire service can now more closely follow the NFPA 1404 standard on Fire Service Respiratory Protection and Training which calls for:

  • The individual shall exit from an IDLH atmosphere “before” consumption of reserve air supply begins.
  • The individual shall recognize that the low air alarm notification indicates that the member is consuming the reserve air supply.

In the world of air management and firefighter safety, increasing the safety margin through additional reserve air and clear indicators of the use of reserve air is definitely a positive move!

There Is More To Cut Force Than Just Numbers!

Blade geometry, materials used in the construction of the blade as well as the manufacturing process and heat treating are all contributing factors in cutter blade design and ultimately cut capability.

The most successful tool position for cutting through a highly reinforced B-Pillar post is parallel with the vehicle’s body ring with most of the current hydraulic cutters built today.  The blades are able to close more before coming into contact with the metal, letting them generate more force than if the tool was fully open, and perpendicular to the vehicle.  This means the tool is positioned in the window which could potentially block access to the injured occupant for medical care, or worse, the rescue cutter could rotate inward making contact with the patient.

Hurst S-700

Hurst JL-500








  • The Hurst Jaws of Life® S-700 and JL-500 cutter design has improved blade geometry which now enables the cutter blades to attain their maximum cutting capability when near the fully open position.
  • The S-700 and JL-500 cutter blade have three distinct cutting angles.
  • In addition, the transmission of energy from the piston through the linkage to the cutter blades now reaches its maximum cut capability at a five inch opening.

Today’s modern vehicles use highly advanced types of steel in their construction.  The highly reinforced structures in today’s vehicles do not compress into a tight bundle like the A-Posts, Roof Rails and B-Posts of passenger cars built in the 80’s and 90’s.  Instead, when the cutter blades make contact with the high-strength outer layer of steel in today’s posts, they are immediately up against the ultra-high-strength Martinsite Boron sheet metal which lines the inside diameter of that structure.

  • The S-700 and JL-500 has maximum compressive forces in the near open position.  As the blades close, the Martinsite steel cracks and fractures.
  • As the cutters continue to close, blade angles change resulting in improved draw of the post material to the strongest cutting area at the rear of the blades.

Premium quality components used in the construction include:

  • Forged 7075 T6 – 83,000 pounds tensile strength aviation grade aluminum alloy  cylinder body.
  • Hurst uses a forged shock-resistant tool steel that has been uniquely heat treated using a four-step tempering process in all the Jaws of Life® cutter blades which makes the blades chip and dent resistant while maintaining ductility.
  • This is crucial when cutting Martinsite Hot Stamped Boron sheet metal and Pressure Hardened Boron Steel that is wrapped with multiple layers of high-strength, low-alloy steel.

Be safe out there!