WIN $5,000.00 Worth of Equipment!

FEMSA LogoFAMAFEMSA/FAMA is at it again.  They want you to win $5,000.00 worth of equipment (plus an iPad) for your department!  They are running the 2015 FEMSA/FAMA State of the Fire Service Survey on the Economy for several weeks.  This is their 12th ANNUAL endeavor to collect valuable insight about how end-user customers assess needs and pursue grant funding.

If you are a firefighter, department officer, emergency medical provider or a department director, all you have to do is take a survey, nothing more.  This automatically enters you in for the chance to win an iPad and $5,000.00 worth of equipment!

Either of these links will get your there:  OR 

Thank you for assisting in this valuable effort and GOOD LUCK!


Find the Firefighter in YOU!



The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) has launched the department portal component of the “Make Me A Firefighter” campaign aimed to help departments recruit the next generation of volunteer first responders. The NVFC, with support from a SAFER grant, has invested in the development of this research-driven recruitment and retention campaign designed to reach a broader audience of interested individuals.

“Recruitment is a challenge for many volunteer and combination departments across the country,” said NVFC Chairman Kevin D. Quinn. “Yet our research shows that 44 percent of millennials are interested in volunteering with their local department. Many simply don’t know the need for volunteers exists. The Make Me a Firefighter campaign will help build awareness among the public as well as provide departments with the tools and resources they need to recruit to this and other target audiences.”

The online fire department portal is designed to help fire departments every step of the way in their recruitment and retention efforts and it’s completely free for departments to participate. It is very important that departments register for the campaign NOW at and post their volunteer opportunities.  This enables those departments to be ready when the public site launches August 1, 2015.

To learn more about the Make Me a Firefighter campaign and the department portal, view this video, and share it with others facing recruitment challenges: 

AND, don’t forget to register with the recruitment campaign and post your opportunities now at

WIN $5000.00 Worth Of Firefighting Equipment!

FEMSA and FAMA’s 11th Annual State of the Fire Service survey is open! This Assistance to Firefighter Grants Survey yields valuable insight for all members. AND all those that take the survey are entered in for a chance to win $5000.00 worth of valuable firefighting equipment. Don’t miss this superb opportunity to be a hero for your department!

GOOD LUCK and thank you for participating.  Your answers assist FEMSA/FAMA in determining how you, the end user-customer, assess needs and pursue grant funding. Their ultimate goal is to help us all be successful as we go forward in the current state of the fire service economy.

Click on either the FEMSA or FAMA
logo to get started!



Award Winners: Bullard and Red Head Brass!

L.N. Curtis & sons congratulates Bullard as our “Supplier of the Year for 2013″; their second year in a row winning this award!  Bullard continues to do an excellent job in all aspects of their relationship with our firm.  In addition, our “2013 Tools For Heroes” vendor award winner was announced as Red Head Brass.  We appreciate doing business with the Bullard and Red Head Brass teams; they build great product and really care about how they conduct business. Congratulations to Bullard and Red Head Brass!

The Ballistic Warrior Helmet

In an ever changing society, the ability to enter an unknown environment with the best equipment possible is becoming more and more essential. It’s time to meet the Warrior Helmet! The Ballistic Warrior Helmet is a lightweight, warrior tested combat helmet with the best retention systems available from Team Wendy. The Warrior Helmet is a high cut helmet for maximum comfort and protection, which allows for use of any communication headset including TCI. The Warrior Helmet comes standard with a three-hole NVG Shroud and Side Rails to mount all the necessary equipment to do the job. The Warrior Helmet comes standard with Team Wendy Zorbium Action Pad (ZAP) Kit, but can be built around any budget with three upgradeable suspension systems including: Team Wendy EPIC, EPIC Air or CamFit Systems. The Warrior Helmet is NIJ Certified to Level 3A and is made of high density polyethylene. This is a must have for any Tactical Team and is available on L.N. Curtis & sons GSA Contract:  GS-07F-0043L.

Product Specifications:

  • Weight: 3.18 lbs.
  • Size: Medium/Large (22” – 22 3/8”) and L/XL (22 3/8” – 24 ¼”)
  • Colors: Black, Tan, OD Green

L.N. Curtis & sons Awarded Major Contracts!




America’s first responders need the ability to purchase WHAT they need, WHEN they need it, and for AFFORDABLE prices. However, the usual method of conducting publicly-announced, competitive procurements often serves only to add significant time and unnecessary costs to the procurement process. L.N. Curtis & sons has recently received two major contract awards that serve to minimize the time and expense of public procurements while meeting the critical requirement for open and fair competition.

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)
L.N. Curtis & sons has just received a prime DoD contract in support of the DLA’s next generation Fire & Emergency Services & Equipment Tailored Vendor Logistic Support (FESE TLSP) Program. Our responsibilities and scope under this new contract have been greatly expanded. Our sales team is very excited now that they are able to offer our customers superior products AND services through this new contract, WORLD-WIDE!

FireRescue-GPO and the National Purchasing Partnership (NPP)
FireRescue-GPO is group purchasing organization providing public agencies with access to aggressively priced contracts with vendors who supply goods and services to the fire service. These contracts are often established through a competitively bid public RFP process that allows members to “piggy-back” on the contract — eliminating the need for member departments to complete an RFP process. L.N. Curtis & sons was recently awarded a contract through FireRescue-GPO. The products included in this contract are a broad array of products, including in most cases, complete catalogs of our partner suppliers. Our sales team is looking forward to offering customers the ability to “piggy-back” on this new nationwide contract to purchase our products AND services without the need to conduct an expensive and time-consuming competitive procurement!

100 Years Young!

HollywoodOur fascination with the future has been played out in many movies.  As these productions  transport us to 100+ years in the future, it’s fun to see how the movie industry portrays the progress of our iconic companies such as McDonald’s, Nike, and Coca Cola.  The belief is that these companies will be in our future, our kids’ future and beyond!

Well, the fire industry is proud to display its own corporate longevity with manufacturers celebrating OVER 100 years of service to our firefighting heroes.  Globe Manufacturing (turnouts, boots and more), is celebrating 125 years in 2012.  Tyco Fire Production Products (fire extinguishing products) is celebrating 100 years in 2012.  These companies and others survived the Great Depression, two World Wars and countless other obstacles.

Globe Manufacturing           Tyco

L.N. Curtis & sons is right behind them with 83 years in the industry.  We’re proud to partner with the likes of Globe and Tyco.  Many of our other partners are coming up on 50 years or more!  The strength and resiliency needed to survive in our world is a testament to how we do business and work with our customers.  It’s an honor to serve our hero customers and we look forward to serving you for many years to come.

L.N. Curtis & sons